Elegant aesthetic. Utilitarian refinement. Akana Designs has been creating fine cabinetry and furniture for over twenty years. During this time, the company has worked with both residential and corporately based clientele throughout the United States.

Problem Solving is what sets Akana Designs apart from other fine furniture makers. From the vaguest
conceptual notion to the most detailed proposal, Akana Designs will tailor work to the desires of the client. It is capable of creating a piece based on a desired aesthetic or practical need as well as working with set designs provided by the client or outside designers.

Akana Designs maintains a 4,000 square foot studio in Richmond, California. The studio is equipped for a wide range of jobs. With three full-time employees, the company is capable of handling design, construction, finishing, and installation.

Previous to establishing the business of Akana Designs, Steve Akana studied Fine Arts and graduated with a B.A. from UC Berkeley. Working at a studio after graduation, he produced paintings that were exhibited in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Although he no longer deals in canvas painting, it is important that these works be shown. These photographs of his paintings are simply meant as evidence of his artistry and as reference to a previous body of work.

In a 1975 press release in reference to his one man show at the Phoenix Gallery in San Francisco, Akana expressed, " My present intent is centered around allowing the viewer to realize the close relationship between reality and abstraction by focusing on the qualities in light reflection, color, and surface of inanimate objects."